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About the Owner

Michael Siekerka is the founder and owner of Rinnovate.  He developed an interest in property restoration at a young age by spending holidays in his aunt and uncle's Italianate home in Elgin, Illinois. During these childhood visits, he was able to watch as their home was transformed from a rundown apartment building back to its historic splendor. His aunt and uncle, Pat and Dan Miller, are avid historical restoration enthusiasts and are active members of the Gifford Park Association in Elgin.  Michael's father, Gerald Siekerka, also provided inspiration early on in the form of smaller scale household projects ranging from drywall installation to a complete bathroom makeover. Michael was often a helping hand for these projects and developed a strong work ethic and attention to detail by observing his father's work. Michael's mother, Margo Siekerka, also played a major role in his early interest in real estate with various projects on her home in central Illinois.

Michael is originally from the St. Louis metropolitan area and attended Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.  After graduating in 2008 with a degree in statistics, Michael moved to Louisville to start his career as an actuary with Humana.  Michael also wanted to explore his interest in real estate.  After purchasing his first property in the summer of 2009, he hasn’t looked back.  Michael developed a large knowledge base early with his hands-on approach to property restoration, where he developed a sense of quality workmanship, as well as a professional approach to rental property ownership.  He regularly attends K.R.E.I.A. (Kentucky Real Estate Investors Association) meetings and has built many relationships in real estate in the Louisville area.  Michael currently owns and manages over 20 units.  As a landlord, he has maintained a very renter-friendly approach, providing quick, and friendly interaction with tenants.  These skills, coupled with Michael’s technical background and entrepreneurial mentality have created a strong foundation for a highly successful real estate investment company.

What we do ?

Rinnovate focuses on purchasing and renovating distressed multifamily properties.  The goal for our company is to achieve both growth and longevity.  We focus on underperforming multi-family properties geared towards quick stabiliization which allows for both appreciation and strong cash-flow.  In addition to improving the community through rehabilitation projects, we focus a great deal of effort on attracting and retaining excellent tenants for our rental properties.  We pride ourselves on seeing tenants as customers rather than headaches, and we treat them as such. 

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